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We understand and respect the unique spaces of corporate, non-profit and academia. Seeking to help your organization thrive in today’s complex environment, we steward transitions, provide reflection, and address concerning behavior. We offer three different services.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Clients generally seek us to address three main areas during our coaching engagement:

  1. Develop high potentials or facilitate transition
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Address derailing behavior

360° Feedback Coaching

We gather feedback from multiple, key individuals working with and around a client. These people are often bosses, peers, direct reports, and others. Feedback is captured in different ways, but mostly through written questionnaires and in-person interviews. We provide synthesized, thoughtful feedback and the experience to foster understanding and alternative interpretations. We can help clients elevate self-awareness, build on strengths, and target challenges.


Cultural Review and Transformation

By reviewing the cultural legacy of past leaders and environment, and taking the temperature of the current cultural climate of the organization’s environment, we can help an clients see if adjustments will benefit the group as a whole. We help facilitate positive changes in behaviors, decision-making, and communication to align with organization’s beliefs, goals, and needs.

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